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Product Guides
You can down load product guides in this section, the products guides give a small snippet of information on every product we sell.
The product guides gives details on each product and what its used for.
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Video Guides
This section provides a link to all product videos.
The product videos provide useful information on each product, where they can be used and when they can be used and on what materials.

• Brucle Brush - Perfect for cleaning leather

• Leather Cleaner (LRC1)

• Luxury Leather Cleaner (LRC2)

•Alcohol Cleaner(LRC3)

• Leather Protection Cream (LRC4)

•Leather Detailer Spray(LRC5)

• Mousse Leather Cleaner(LRC6)

• Aniline Leather Cleaner(LRC7)

• Aniline Mousse Cleaner (LRC8)

• Mould Remover (LRC9)

• Leather Air Freshener (LRC10)

• Leather Dye Application (LRC14)

• Leather Prep (LRC15)

•Clear Coat Lacquer Sealer(LRC16)

•Suede & Nubuck Protector Spray(LRC17)

•Gel De Greaser(LRC18)

• Ink & Stain Remover(LRC19)

• Leather Softening Creme (LRC20)

• Colour Enhancer (LRC21)

• Flexi Filler (LRC22)

• Heavy Filler (LRC23)

• Fibre Binder (LRC24)

• Quick Dry Filler (LRC25)

• Wood Cleaner, Reviver & Polish(LRC27)

• Vinyl Cleaner (LRC28)

• Carpet & Fabric Cleaner(LRC29)

•Leather Repair Pen(LRC30)

•Anti Bacterial Spray(LRC31)

•Dashboard & Plastic Cleaner (LRC32)

• Aniline Protector Spray (LRC33)

•Leather Protector Spray (LRC38)

• Luxury Mousse Cleaner(LRC40)

• Wood Wax(LRC42)

• Boiled Linseed Oil (LRC43)

• Dye Stopper (LRC44)

Repair Guides
In this section you can download our repair guide, so you can offer a better service to your clients, its packed full of information and helpful tips and advice.
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We will teach you all you need to know so you can become our international training providers.
Leather Dictionary
You can view the leather dictionary for all the help and information you need to know about leather. Visit:
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