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March 26, 2017
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May 15, 2017

The fact is we go to work to earn a wage, be it a little or a lot, we are repaid for our efforts in monetary value and we spend that accordingly, some of us pay for a bigger house while some of us waste it frivolously on our vices. We also go to work because it’s a necessity.

We get up every morning and we breathe, we eat, we do our ablutions and we put on a nice crisp ironed uniform and away we go.

We get into our cars and we select first gear and we then drive to work using the correct gears for the speed we drive at.

We get to work and we clock in, we sit down at our own desk and we do our work…

The facts of this may differ but the basic point is the same, we do things right, if we don’t get up, don’t breathe, if we get on the wrong bus and stand at the wrong station at work we just wouldn’t be doing it right, so why go to work at all?
Ok, so now we appreciate how simple it is to do a regular job correctly.

So why, would you risk doing the actual job incorrectly?

Training is imperative, learning how to do the job ensures you continue to do the job and get paid. The better you do your job, the higher in the food chain you go and the more money you could earn. You build up greater respect, and greater appreciation from colleagues and end users.
Let’s look at leather repairs… if we said a monkey is going to train you how to do leather repairs, would you laugh? What is so wrong with learning from somebody that doesn’t know what they are doing themselves and can’t interact with you on your wave length?
Using that theory then, it makes perfect sense to go to the experts in the industry!


In the case of Leather Repair Company, they have risen to the top by inwardly digesting all pieces of training they have ever received, they have built up a bank of their own staff that they have taught to the same exacting standards to produce identical work, but more importantly… they have made their own mistakes, they have learnt from them and they have now grown into an award winning, IMI approved training facility that offers the very best training by the very best people in the industry.

You may think the difference between a regular high school education and a university education purely comes down to cost, with Leather Repair Company our costs for the quality of training will impress you.
Take a look at

A career in the leather industry, taught by instructors at Leather Repair Company could become more than just a job!


Leather Repair Company Training

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