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February 11, 2019
leather sofas repair
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February 26, 2019
Leather sofas restoration

It doesn’t matter if your leather is old, has been restored, or is brand new off the shop floor. If it’s leather, it need protecting. Why? Protecting your leather helps reduce staining, colour loss, UV damage, and damage from the natural elements.

Once our protection cream has been applied, the in-built intelligent protection system will activate and create a barrier that will bond to your leather. Once buffed, this will help fight against all possible threats.

The protective leather barrier will help repel any stains on your leather from food spills, juice, water, liquids, inks, dirt, and grease. The leather protection cream makes it difficult for anything other than air to penetrate the layer. While your leather doesn’t ‘need to breathe’, it does help with maintaining the moisture balance using natural methods. This plays a part in your leather holding it’s natural form.

You can see how the leather repair companies leather protection cream works by taking a look at the images below. Below is a side view of the top of your leather, the area you actually use.

If your leather is left unprotected, over time your leather will become dry, it will slowly crack, it will lose it’s colour. It will become damaged. This applies to your leather sofas, leather car interior, motorbike suits, jackets and even shoes.

All leather needs to undergo regular cleaning. This not only keeps your leather in tip-top condition, but also makes it last longer.

Other benefits of the leather protection & conditioning cream are it feeds, nourishes, and conditions your leather. This helps keep the moisture locked in. This helps keep your leather nice and supple. When used in partnership with the Leather Cleaner, you will find you have brighter, fresher, newer looking leather items.

The  protection cream can be used on the following types of leather:

  • Aniline leather
  • Pigment Coated Leather
  • Bi Cast Leather
  • Equestian Leather
  • Handbags

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