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Leather Care & Repair Products Store


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In the Leather Repair Products Store we have a large number of leather repair products and repair kits to enable you carry out all leather repairs.

We have a selection of specialist fillers, protectors, sealers, colours and so much more.

In fact we have everything you will ever need to care and repair your leather items, from leather jackets to planes and yachts.

Using our small scuff leather repair kit, or one of our leather steering wheel repair kits we have everything including leather colourant repair kits for all types of leather restoration.

We even have our world famous Leather Re-Colouring Balm, perfect for doing instant colour repairs on items like aniline leathers.

We have a large number of leather care and repair products to help with all types of leather restoration, repairs, cleaning and protection services.

We have a large selection of Leather Cleaners, leather conditioners and leather protection creams.


Leather Repair Products Store - Leather Protection Cream








The leather repair products store contains everything you require for restoring all leather items.

We have a huge selection of leather repair products, leather cleaners, leather colours, leather conditioners and so much more



Leather Repair Products Store - Premium Leather Cleaner







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