Problem solvers and stain removal chart guide and help

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Below we have listed several pictures showing our stain removal chart with the problems you get with leather with solutions to repair them. You can click on the stain removal chart and print this off if you wanted to.

The red circles are the problems these then point to the solution to repair the problems you may have with your leather items.

If you don’t see a solution on any of our stain removal charts then please do get in touch we will be pleased to offer you some free help to guide you through the process to resolve the issues you may have. You can contact us by calling 03333 448 418 and ask to speak to an Expert Advisor.

It’s always advised that leather is kept protected at all times, so always have a system in place to clean and protect your leather four times per year, at the start of each season is a good method. Another way is to get your leather protected with the Leather Guard warranty system, this is a special coating that’s applied to leather retaining its natural characters, still allowing it to breath fully, but yet stops stains from taking place and they are all covered under a warranty care plan in the event that something does go wrong.


page one problem solver chart

Here we have page two of our stain removal chart for you to look at – You can contact us by calling 03333 448 418

Page two Stain Removal chart

This is page three below, you can click copy and down load these charts if you like. – You can contact us by calling 03333 448 418

Page three problem solver stain removal chart

This is the last page in the problem solver chart for removing stains from leather and resolving problems. – You can contact us by calling 03333 448 418

Page four stain removal chart and problem solving chart

Making sure your leather is protected at all times to avoid stains is essential, always protect with the Leather Guard protection system.

You can contact us by calling 03333 448 418

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