Stain Dye Remover Soap LRC39

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January 2, 2018
Leather Stain Protection Spray LRC38
Leather Stain Protection Spray LRC38
January 16, 2018
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LRC39 Originally designed to be used on delicate leathers such as Nappa.

We’ve now developed this to work on pigmented leathers too. Using the same source of natural ingredients.

This environmentally friendly soap-based stain remover will remove the most stubborn stains  including; inks, grease, drink spills and many more while not having to perform any colour restoration work.


This stain remover soap is easy to use, its a bit like soap in your bathroom, wet a cloth first of all, then rub the damp cloth into the soap pot to put soap on the cloth and then start working this soap into the stained areas, working in a circular motion to remove the stain, depending on how bad the stain is this may take a couple of attempts to remove it.

After removing the stain protect all areas with the leather protection cream.

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