Leather Mousse Cleaner For Pigmented/Coated Leather LRC6

Classic Car Leather Softening Crème LRC20
Classic Car Leather Softening Crème LRC20
February 13, 2019
Mini Leather Cleaning Brush - The Brucle
Mini Leather Cleaning Brush – The Brucle
March 14, 2019
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LRC6 Leather Mousse Cleaner 250ml Bottle

  • Strong But Effective Cleaning Action
  • Cleaners Deeper
  • Cleans Car Interiors
  • Ideal For Leather Jackets
  • Works Great On Handbags
  • Guaranteed Cleaning Action

Leather cleaning with the Leather Repair Company is in safe hands, designed and developed by leading leather technologists. The Leather Mousse cleaner is a water-based product that turns to a mousse foam when dispensed from the bottle. The aniline mousse foam cleaner is capable of dealing with stubborn stains and dirt.

It’s safe to use on all other leather types apart from Suede and Nubuck Leathers. Has a powerful cleaning action that helps rehydrate your leather, to help prevent cracks and dryness appearing, has a great leather aroma. The ideal partner in deep cleaning to help maintain your leather items and luxury leather goods, like leather clothing and handbags. Regular cleaning is suggested as dirt, oils and waxes can over time break down your leather finish, resulting in more costly repairs.

The mousse foam cleaner works effectively on most types of dirt and stains. Very gentle cleaning action, but has the power to remove all deep down stubborn dirt.

Using the mousse cleaner often will help keep your leather clean and looking new, the mousse foam cleaner 250ml is sufficient to clean a two-seat sofa a few times. Always test in a small hidden area first with any cleaning or protection products.

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Apply the mousse foam cleaner 250ml onto a soft sponge and clean in a circular motion lifting all dirt away as you go, as you clean each section use a soft clean cloth to gently go over the surface to remove all dirt correctly.

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