Leather Juice Spray Protection LRC53

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January 18, 2021
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Leather Antique Restorer Cream LRC50
January 21, 2021
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LRC53 The Leather Juice Spray protection gives your leather that luxurious feel and that amazing aroma once again

  • Built-In Aromas
  • Luxurious Feel
  • Denim Dye Protection
  • Protects Exotic Leather Skins
  • Helps Stop Stains
  • Brightens Leather

Designed for modern leathers less than 3 years old, synthetic materials like vinyl and faux leather, great for exotic skins giving them the juice they need to avoid drying out.

Freshens the leather as it works its magic on your leather items, providing an outstanding luxurious feel and smell of leather aromas. This is the worlds first and most unique leather detailer spray, providing some outstanding protection all in one spray bottle.

Leather juice spray protection feeds, nourishes, helps stops stains and protects against future wear taking place.

With its built-in stain guard protection systems, your leather will be protected against the elements of everyday use. Its special molecules bond to the surface and become an integral part of the surface it self.

The leather juice spray protection has added UV protectors to help stop the colour fading helping to avoid costly repair jobs and having to re-dye your leather items.

It’s a fully water based, 100% natural has a consistency of water so is very thin, it’s unlike any other protection we do so far, it’s a got a special molecule system inside that bonds to the skin to become an integral part of the hide.
Has outstanding protection against stains, helps repel dirt and spills from fluids. Helps stop dye transfer also.
Leaves a silky feel to the leather with an ultra matt finish.

Before applying any form of protection always clean your leather first of all and allow it to dry.

Apply the leather juice spray protection to a dry soft sponge and gently massage into the leather in a circular motion, or lightly mist on to the leather directly and massage in that way, allow to dry as normal and then simply buff up for a fantastic protection barrier on your leather and the most amazing leather aroma possible.

Providing a luxurious feel and smell of leather again.

Not suitable for suede or nubuck


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