Leather Colour Enhancer LRC21

Aniline Leather Dyes LRC13
Aniline Leather Dyes LRC13
October 24, 2017
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Leather Softening Crème LRC20
October 24, 2017
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LRC21 Leather Colour Enhancer Great For Aniline Leathers and Cracked and Worn Leather.

Easily restores the colour of the old worn faded leather sofa, chair, settee & car seats as you apply the leather re-colouring balm.

Our leather re-colouring balm rejuvenates the colour of old and new leather, it’s not designed to fully restore your colour just enhance it and give it some life back rejuvenating it in the process.

Once the leather re-colouring balm has been applied you have to protect this with a leather protection cream to seal this in The leather re-colouring balm is perfect for classic car seats where you want to retain the characters of the old seat but yet put some life back in to the leather, with the leather re-colouring balm they will also soften old worn dry classic cars seats due to its softening ingredients.

The leather re-colouring balm absorbs into the leather so it won’t rub off onto clothing once it’s protected over with the leather protection cream. The leather re-colouring balm is perfect for scuffed areas and cat scratches reviving the colour as it works into the leather. When it comes to leather jackets the colouring balm works very well, clean them down first allow to dry naturally then coat with the balm allow the balm to sit for around 30 minutes then buff up and proceed to apply some leather protection cream to seal in the colour.

The balm works great on shoes to put some colour back into them and then seal with the protection cream to lock in the fresh new colour. The colour restorer balm is only advisable on absorbent leathers such as aniline.


First, you will need to clean the leather down with the premium leather cleaner to free it of all old dirt and grime.

Then you can start to use the leather re-colouring balm using a soft clean cloth massage this into the leather in a circular motion you can apply two coats if you wish.

Let that sit for around 30 mins then lightly buff up, you will get the excess coming off onto your cloth don’t worry about that its normal.

Then proceed to seal this in with the leather protection cream sealing in the balm for good, again as your sealing in the balm some excess will come off onto your cloth, this is very normal.

Once the protection cream is dry you can buff up if you wish to provide a satin sheen or leave as applied for a matt finish.


Q. Can I change the colour of my leather with this
A. No, it’s designed to enhance the colour you have, you need a colour restoration kit for this

Q. If I apply several coats will it make my leather darker
A. No only a single coat or two is required as it soaks into the leather

Q. Will this come off onto my clothing
A. No 100% it stays in the leather once protected over with the leather protection cream, it’s then sealed in.

Q. Will this fill in my cracks?
A. No, this will colour the cracks. In order to fill in the cracks, you will need one of our leather fillers.

Q. Can I use this on any leather item?
A. No, the colouring balms get absorbed into the leather. This product will work great on absorbent leathers such as Aniline Leather. You should always ask for advice before purchasing.

Q. What cleaner do i need to use for aniline leather so i can then use the colour enhancer?
A. You would need to use the aniline leather cleaner LRC7

Q. What cleaner do i need to use for car seats modern or classics before using the enhancer?
A. For all modern leather car seats and classic car seats its best to use the LRC1 leather cleaner.

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