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January 20, 2021
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LRC50 Antique Restorer Cream works great on scuffed, Cracked and Worn Leather.


  • Creates Two Tone Effects
  • Restores Antique Leathers
  • Restores Leather Saddles
  • Great For Classic Cars
  • Perfect For Handbags
  • Restores Leather Tack
  • Great For Leather Jackets


The Antique Restorer Cream easily restores the colour of the old worn faded leather, works great on leather cases and handbags, its natural beeswax with a special blend of colour dyes this enables this product to colour old leather and change the colour of leather

Our leather restorer cream rejuvenates the colour of old and new leather, it can even change the colour of leather to give it an aged two tone look.

All other creams round the world are based on synthetic waxes and can only accept a small amount of dye and, which can also cause streaking.

The LRC Antique Restorer has the ability to accept more dye, this  is unique and that is why it is a world leader. It can be reworked, and you can blend colours whilst working it into the leather.

Being able to blend other colours as the creams are worked in, you can achieve some truly outstanding results, it’s the perfect partner for antique leather items, that require a sympathetic restoration without looking restored.

What is unique about this is that it can actually dye the leather unlike other creams or polishes. It’s the best product around for creating a two-tone antiqued finish on quality leather.

The antique restorer cream is a fantastic product and can be layered with many different colours to create antiqued finishes on leather, it’s brilliant for old natural leather cases, restoring antique leathers and classic cars.

For deeper abrasions in leather you will require our carna bars, these can be buffed into the leather and then coloured over with the antique restorer creams. The carna bars come in soft wax and hard wax versions.

Soft carna sticks can be rubbed in, hard carna wax sticks have to heated to melt them in place.

Seat Cushion half Dyed Antique Restorer Cream LRC50 Horse Saddle Half Restored Antique Restorer Cream LRC50


First, you will need to clean the leather down with the luxury leather cleaner to free it of all old dirt and grime.

Then you can start to use the leather Antique Restorer Cream using a specialists sponge or soft clean cloth massage this into the leather in a circular motion you can apply two coats or more if you wish.

Let that sit for a few minutes then lightly buff up, you will get the excess coming off onto your cloth don’t worry about that its normal. To gain even higher sheen levels you can use a soft brush and buff to achieve the desired sheen level you are looking for.

You can seal this finish in, in many different ways, the protection cream can be applied and then buff up if you wish to provide a satin sheen or leave as applied for a matt finish.

You can also seal in the finish with a specialist antique silk dressing lacquer, this can be applied by sponge also and then buffed to any sheen level you desire.

Spraying on the antique silk dressing can be carried out at different pressures to gain different sheen levels.



Q. Can I change the colour of my leather with this
A. Yes, it’s designed to do just that or retain the original colour, you can buff the antique restorer cream in to change the colour if you wish, giving a beautiful two tone antique look.

Q. If I apply several coats will it make my leather darker
A. Yes its designed to colour leather, compared to other products that are just a polish, applying more than one layer will make areas darker, its fantastic for two-tone.

Q. Will this come off onto my clothing
A. No 100% it stays on the leather once it’s been sealed in.

Q. Will this fill in my cracks?
A. Yes, this will colour the cracks. In order to fill in the cracks, you will need to use our carna bars, these come in soft or hard wax finishes.

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