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Professional Restoration Of All Handbags & Cases, Fully Restored From An Unbeatable £15


  • Zip Replacement 
  • Piping Replaced
  • Linings Replaced
  • Buckles replaced
  • Colour Restoration
  • Stains Removed


Below are some ideas of what costs could possibly be  (there are thousands of styles and sizes of bags and these prices are just an idea of what they go from)

  • Zip Replacement from £45
  • Piping Replaced from £45
  • Linings Replaced from £40
  • Colour Touch Ups from £35
  • Colour Restoration from £150
  • Burns from £38
  • Scuffs from £30
  • Colour Changes from £250
  • Popper Studs Replaced from £10


Leather Bag Repair’s, Restoration & Leather Handbag Cleaning and Colour Restorations Services. Our leather bag repair service includes restoration or we can change the colour of all leather bags, leather clothing, footwear, handbags & luggage.

Nationwide bag repair & restoration of leather handbags & luggage.

We restore worn, faded & discoloured leather handbags & luggage to a new condition, using advanced products exclusive to us.

leather bag repair leather bag repair

The products used have been developed so they are perfectly capable of either beautifully restoring leather handbags, or they can be used to change the colour of the leather bag, as shown in the photo’s.

To change the colour of leather handbags is dependant upon the design, size and styles, request a price today.

Channel Handbag For Restoration Channel handbag re coloured to black from cream

Piping On Handbags

We can undertake all types of repairs to handbags, including the piping around the edges, if your piping has discoloured this can be re coloured, perhaps its worn through, we can repair the piping for you, or this can be fully replaced.

Handbag Re-Lines

We can professionally carry out full leather bag re-lines or re lines to fabric bags, where your handbag lining is badly stained and will not come clean or if it is torn or has holes in it, we can replace bag linings, in leather or fabric.

Pink Mulberry Handbag With Oil Staining
Mulberry Handbag with stain

Pink Mulberry handbag After Removing Oil Staining
Pink Mulberry handbag after stain removal

Golfbag Repairs

Are you the sporting type and love your old favourite golf bag, is it looking worse for wear, faded, scratched and requires bringing back to its former glory, or perhaps you want a custom golf bag in your own colours. We can help with all this for you, perhaps you want the golf bags done in your corporate company colours ? just ask for a free quote.

What next?

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We do not charge for estimates. Just fill out the form or give us a call. We will then send you a repair sheet and address labels. Or you can simply go tot the bottom of this page and the forms can be downloaded directly from our site.

You can view our guides, tips and help pages here Guides

We do have a blog on handbag repairs and care

If you decide not to go ahead we will happily return the item to you.

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If you wish to send an item to us you will require the below forms that you can download and print off, please do make sure that the repair sheet is completed fully as this acts as your items indention while here.

Download one of our pdf forms below.


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Repair sheet




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