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Leather Car Seat Repair and Restoration

Repair your car seat from only £30

Your leather car interior repaired and restored from as little as £30

Recommended by Practical Classics. Features in Jaguar, Mercedes and many more magazines. SBS Award winners, and PVD Detailer magazine product winners. We can help you bring your car interior back to life.

Whether its a scuff, tear, food stains, drink spills, colour loss or kids have damaged your leather interior. We can always repair the leather interior at one of our many nationwide factories.

It doesn’t matter if your car is brand new, a Lotus LF1, or a 1935 Alvis. With our expert knowledge in leather restoration combined with our fantastic leather care & repair products that are sold worldwide - we’ve got you covered!

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  • Holes, rips, or tears
  • Stains from drink & food spills, jean dye, and ink
  • Colour restoration caused by age, wear & tear, or natural UV rays
  • Full leather colouring changes
  • Leather cleaning & protection: guranteed to help your leather last long
  • Car bolster seat repairs
  • Scratches or scuffs

For all kinds of leather car interior cleaning, repairing and restoring - talk to the experts

The touch. The smell. There’s nothing quite like slipping into a soft leather seat when you get behind the wheel.

But if you’re using your vehicle every day, your leather interior can quickly get scuffed, torn or marked by clothing dyes. Add kids into the mix and you can include drink spills, food stains and ‘creative’ endeavours too.


Our leather car interiors service includes:

Holes, Rips & Tears
A tear, hole or rip in your leather car seat can be cleverly repaired without having to replace the whole panel.

Our experienced restorers carry out intricate, careful repairs that are almost invisible to the eye once they’re done.

Stains, dye and ink marks
Marks from drink, food, ink and even mould are common stains on leather car interiors.

Our cleaning technicians carefully clean and protect your car seats to remove even the most stubborn leather stains.

Colour changes/loss
Colour loss through age, sunlight and wear and tear is fairly common.

Whether you need a colour touch-up, colour restoration, or a complete colour change, our expert leather car seat restorers are happy to help.

Full restoration
Leather car seats get cracked, dried out and distressed when they haven’t been nourished or cared for.

Our expert restorers use a range of professional products to feed your leather and bring it back to life.

Scratches and scuffs
A scuff, scrape or scratch from a pet can damage your leather car seats and spoil the overall look.

Our expert leather technicians use our range of professional products to make your car interior look like new again.

Cleaning and protection
Leather cleaning and leather protection is guaranteed to make your leather car interior last longer.

All the products we use are made by the Leather Repair Company and used extensively by specialists worldwide.

We work with all types of leather that can be found inside cars, vehicles, helicopters, and even boats.

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