Learn how Preparing Leather For Restoration is essential to ensure your repair is perfect

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The most important part of any repair or restoration job is the preparation of the leather, if this is not done correctly, then your repair job will not last.

Preparing leather for restoration is best done with a red fine abrasive pad, inside the pad that is folded in half place a small amount of terry towel cloth, this is used to hold the leather prep while you rub the pad over the surface of the leather.

Doing any leather repair job requires the top surface to be removed fully, the abrasive pad shown in this picture below is you would use loaded with leather prep to remove the surface coating.

Preparing Leather For Restoration


When you rub the abrasive pad over the surface this will help soften the leather and remove all the scratches and cracks in the leathers surface, those stress cracks that have gone into the leather can then have heavy filler applied to them and then sanded down once dry.

This video is all about preparing leather for restoration

Where some furniture has different type of leather like finished splits, proceed with caution as the leather prep could remove all the top grain structure, so only very lightly prepare this area, even if you don’t use your abrasive pad you can just soak a terry towel in leather prep and go over the surface in this manner.

You have to leather prep everything to ensure all grease, grime, waxes and silicone’s have been removed from the surface before applying any colourants. If these are not fully removed then the leather colourant is not going to adhere to the freshly prepared leather surface to give a strong bond and will not last.


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