A leather With A Surface Coating Applied Called Pigmented Leather

Pigmented leather has been surface coated with a pigment colour, in other words it’s painted and then sealed with a clear coat sealer to give it durability for the different types of industries it will be used in.

A point to note, pigmented leather can be called protected, that doesn’t mean it won’t need maintenance, much to the contrary, they need protection and regular cleaning carried out to avoid damage taking place, like head grease, its more noticeable on lighter colours compared to dark colours, as is dye transfer, not keeping the leather cleaned and protected will in time start to break down the clear coat sealer and penetrate the surface causing expensive repair processes.

This type of leather is the easiest for cleaning and colour restoration and repairs as its very forgiving.

Don’t use solvent cleaners on this, use leather cleaners designed for cleaning this type of leather. With any form of leather its always best to use cleaners that are made from quality soap flakes and that are water based to ensure your protecting the surface coating at all times.

Pigmented leathers is very common product that’s used in the automotive industry a great deal due to its hard wearing capabilities, it has great scratch resistance and stain resistance, that doesn’t mean that it wont scratch or stain. If damage does happen its very easy to fix and resolve any problems with many of the leather restoration kits that we supply for the DIY Enthusiast

Regular cleaning is required in particular with lighter coloured leathers, these can be deceiving as they can look dirty to the un trained eye, but by using a magnifying glass you will be able to see that in some cases its not dirt but wear and its showing up as darker areas as its the leather under the coloured surface pigmented coating that you can see and not dirt.

Pigmented leather is easy to care for and easy to keep protected using the automotive guard system from leather guard to keep your leather protected at all times.

For further information on pigmented leather visit the Leather Dictionary



Pigmented Leather

Pigmented Leather

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