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Working For Yourself, Without Being Alone

Earn £50k* per year with a Restorers Franchise.
Leather Repair Franchise, Working in an exciting & rapidly growing industry as a leather technician is a unique and interesting franchise opportunity.

Isn’t it time you took the leap and started earning the money you’ve always dreamed of?

Well at the Leather Repair Company we can give you the franchise to succeed.

You get full training, sales leads and access to the very best products on the market.
With work hours to suit you and possible earnings in excess of £50k a year, it’s easy to see why we’re one of the countries fastest growing franchises.

If you want to know more about how you can make people happy and change your future for the better then why not drop us a line today and make that change.

We can assure you, your work will be rewarding financially and personally, but don’t think that a franchise with the Leather Repair Company is your way to become rich overnight.

The rewards are there, but they’re for the earning. If you think you can just make an investment, sit back relax and not be involved then this business is not for you.

We’re not attempting put you off, much to the contrary, this franchise is a very hands-on role and requires you to be aware of some of the responsibilities before taking on a franchise with us.

Taking on a franchise with us gives you the security that you're dealing with a professional company, all technicians will be industry Approved as we are the UK’s leading Approved Leather Repair and Training centre, providing solutions to car manufacturers around the globe


Restorers LTD are offering a mobile based leather repair franchise, which is operated from home, keeping start-up costs at a minimum. The initial training programme teaches a franchisee all the theory, skill & marketing of how to successfully run and operate a Leather Repair Company franchise. The technical training is very hands on and gives you the opportunity to go out on the road so to speak and work with leather in a commercial environment. The Leather Repair Company offers a business package with opportunities for expansion so that you can take a more relaxed and managerial role in the business, monitoring your staff and promoting the business, building a large network for your leather repair franchise.

We are not only industry approved. Its the industry recognised on going continued development, that sets us a apart from our competition, having on going training for new products and techniques is essential to your continued success. Our help groups are packed full of leading technology and guides to help you, not just with repairs, but running your business. The accreditation’s we hold as a company are outstanding, you are able to gain all of these benefits with your new franchise. Leather Repair Company offers an exceptional franchise opportunity, operating in a rapidly expanding market place in leather repairs nationwide. Have you ever dreamed about the personal and financial independence that starting your own business would give you?

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    State of the art technology

    Restorers LRC never sits still, we constantly innovate, improve and invent new technology.
    We believe in making your investment work for you rather than you work for it, that's why we invented the worlds first digital technology centre.

    We have the worlds most simple by yet sophisticated colour mixing system, making your job on the road a breeze in the park, compared to others.

    We developed our own app that can be downloaded via the app store, we have colour readers for technicians, at HQ we have the most up to date colour spectrometers. With automotive colour formulas at your fingertips, so you know your never stuck on a job without a solution to hand.

    With equipment so advanced, you know your in the best hands in the industry worldwide.

    Download the pack today (click here) *Subject to area taken and size and how much you work you wish to put in.
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