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Leather Jacket Repair & Cleaning

As good as new, for as little as £15

Your leather jacket cleaned, repaired and protected from as little as £15

The products we use are exclusive to the Leather Repair Company & are used extensively by specialists worldwide, for all leather jacket repairs.

We do not charge for estimates. Just fill out the form or give us a call. We will then send you a repair sheet and address labels.

The easiest way to clean, repair and restore your leather jacket

We all love our leather jackets. But over the years they can become a bit ragged round the edges if they’re not properly cleaned or cared for. Grass stains, food stains and scuffs and scratches can quickly spoil the overall look.

The good news? All types of leather jackets can be repaired, restored and cleaned.

Leather preservation of jackets is a large part of our business, we can preserve your leather jackets, or historic leather goods, and antique leather jackets.

Keeping your leather jacket cleaned and protected will extend it's life span considerably, DO NOT dry clean leather jackets.

Dry cleaning leather causes the leather to dry out ending up with a costly repair service to be carried out for a full restoration and softening process.

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Postal Quote

If you would rather send your item to us for a quote, download the address label & repair sheet.
Print these off, pop them in your parcel. Then, either send it off to us, or we'll arrange a collection for you.

We'll Repair It!

Once you've given the go-head for the repair, we'll get right to it and inform you when your item has been completed.

We'll Send It!

When your item has been repaired, we will send it back to you via recorded & tracked delivery to ensure your item is safe and arrives in good time.

When it comes to leather jacket repair and cleaning – talk to the experts

As leather jacket repair specialists, we provide a full leather repair service, as well as leather cleaning, leather softening and leather nourishment services too.

And it’s not just leather jackets we clean. Leather trousers and leather skirts can all benefit from the expert touch of our in-house leather technicians.

The one thing you must avoid? Dry cleaning. Do not dry clean your leather jacket. Dry cleaning leather causes the leather to dry out and you’ll end up having to have a more expensive repair and restoration service.

If your leather jacket needs cleaning, get in touch and have it done by one of our leather professionals.

For more information on some of the repairs we can carry out, click the tabs below.

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Full Recolouring Restoration

Restoring the colour in your leather jacket is a very simple process. Whether this is a touch-up, colour restoration, or a full colouring job, restoring leather jackets is something we love to do.

If you love your jacket but hate the colour. Don't worry, we can change your jacket to almost any colour, white to black, brown to blue, or black to pink. Even different coloured panels isn't a problem, creating a totally unique, custom leather jacket.

Buy Colouring Restoration Kit
Zips Replaced

Zips get used a lot. They are the most used part on a leather jacket. Whilst they are generally quite robust, they do wear down over time, break, and unfortunately, do stop working.

At Restorers, we can replace your zips with a like for like, bigger, bolder, or more visual aggressive zip. If you see one you like, let us know. We'll happily make the arrangements to fit your new zip.

Tears Repaired

Leather jackets can last the length of time, but can also be very fragile and tear easily. Accidents happen. Whether you have a tear, hole, or rip, we can repair these types of damages without having to replace the whole panel. We perform an intricate, careful repair operation that is almost invisible to the eye after completion.

If the tear is large enough to have a panel replaced. We are able to find some suitable matching leather and carry out the panel replacement.

Get a quote now, or click the buy button to fix it yourself with a tear repair kit includes express delivery.

Buy DIY Tear Repair Kit
Stain Removal

Our highly trained, in-house technicians will look after your jacket like it's their own. With combined experience spanning to nearly a century, they know how to care, clean, and protect your leather jacket.

Ink, food, drink & grease stains are all very common types of stains on leather jackets. We can remove even the most stubborn stains that are left behind.

Buy Stain Remover For Jackets

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