Leather Jacket Cleaning & Nourishment Services – Nationwide Services.

Have your leather jacket cleaned and conditioned find out today from a national helpline for leather jackets 03333 448 418

The Leather Repair Company are leading experts in Leather Jacket Cleaning.

  • Condition leather to help stop it ageing prematurely
  • Condition 4 times a year to help stop the leather drying out
  • Clean leather 4 times per year to remove soiling, grime and stains

The Leather Repair Company professional leather, suede and sheepskin cleaning services can revive tired, dirty looking items, the Leather Repair Company are experts at ” Putting Life Back Into Leather”

Do not even put your leather jacket into a washing machine, even without powder, it will still ruin your leather jacket, you should only consider specialist care for your leather jacket cleaning.

Leather is a natural product and should not ever be dry cleaned, as this could cause severe damage to your loved leather goods, this can dry out the leather instantly leaving you with a dreadful looking leather item, colour loss, stains and all other forms of damage can happen.

Always seek professional advice about leather jacket cleaning before you take your jacket to a cleaning company.

Leather being natural requires special attention, the Leather Repair Company are commissioned by clients around the world weekly to undertake specialist cleaning and repairs to leather jackets. Some designer brands will only recommend the Leather Repair Company when it comes to specialist cleaning, as it requires expert care and attention to ensure they are cared for correctly.

Its no wonder why we have been cleaning and repairing leather jackets for over 30 years in the UK, with clients from almost every country in the world.

Our highly trained team at our specialist jacket spa centre, have a vast knowledge of leather as well as all brands of leather jackets, leather garments and leather clothing. The Leather Repair Company will only ever use the finest products around today, how do we know this, because we made them, to ensure we only use the finest in the world to care for your luxury leather goods. Making sure leather jacket cleaning is carried out to the best standards in the world today.

Cleaning leather jackets should only be carried out by trained experts, a lot of garment manufacturers say inside the jackets suitable for dry cleaning, as the UK’s leading experts on leather jackets, we advise you NOT to dry clean your leather jackets. We are in talks with many designers and manufacturers at present, who are looking to address the issues we have raised with them about changing labels to say specialist cleaning only and making sure dry cleaning is not marked as safe any more.

We also supply specialist cleaning and conditioning products to help keep your leather items maintained all year.

If you would like to talk to a member of our team, please don’t hesitate to contact us 01482 606864