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View all of our Leather Guides on this page: Videos, Articles, "How To's" and leather problem solving help sheets. Our Guides will help with all Leather Repairs, along with our Leather Repair Videos. What ever the help is you need our guides are here to assist as much as possible. If you don't see a problem solver here you can contact us about our leather guides pages for further help. If you wanted to gain a quote after reading through the leather guides section please do contact us. We have professional technicians on hand to help,  contact the leading craftsmen of leather by calling 01482 606864 or email us info@leatherrepaircompany.com

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We have a large number of leather guides to help you with all your repair issues. No matter how big or small your problems we can help you resolve them with one of our guides. If you don't see here the answer to your problems then please do drop us a line and we can get you leather guide emailed over. You will find  a large selection of videos on our YouTube channel  if you cant see the video you want then we can make one for you.