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Cleaning your leather regularly is key to making it look great for longer. Having regular cleaning & protection applied will help prevent any damage from stains, dirt, grease, even some colour loss from natural environmental effects. You should never clean your leather using household items. Over time, these will dry out your leather, causing cracks to appear, resulting in the colour flaking and the leather stiffening up.

With our mobile cleaning service, we are able to come to your home and clean your leather items in a non-intrusive manner. We take great care & pride in what we do. We'll also offer the best practices for looking after your leather moving forward.

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We only use products to clean and protect your leather that we made. We've spent many, many, many years perfecting our own products. Our cleaners are a water-based, non-toxic, natural product. They do not contain any harmful chemicals, yet, using natural soap flakes combined with our special formula - our leather cleaner can remove even the most stubborn areas of dirt or grime.

When combined with our leather protection cream, this creates a powerful partnership that will not only clean your leather, leaving it looking brighter & fresher. It will also help protect your leather from any future staining, dirt, grease, even damage from UV rays.

To find out more about how we can clean your leather, or about our cleaning products, give us a call or fill in the form below.

You can buy our award winning leather cleaning products to carry this out yourself, learn how to clean leather correctly

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