Our Leather Cleaner Is,
Probably The Best

Lets look at a few things shall we. Mercedes, Jaguar, Classic Car magazine features. Winner of the Gold Feefo 2017 awards. Handpicked to record a series of leather guide videos for Bauer Media. Recommended by Practical Classics. Distributors around Asia (coming soon to America). International, worldwide training.


It sounds like we're blowing our own trumpet here... maybe a little. It gives you an insight to the quality we strive towards. Our Leather Cleaner & Protector are no different. We are constantly evolving our products into bigger, better, more effective solutions.

We're proud to say, that whilst our product is one of the most effective cleaning options available on the market - it is also one of the most environmentally friendly. No toxics. No harsh chemicals. A water based cleaning product that works wonders.

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Scotty Kilmer has a strong YouTube following. A crazy, likeable energetic guy! Check the video to see what he had to say about our cleaner.

Leather Care Products

  • So was looking at a high performance dedicated Leather cleaner. Thought it was better to use a proper leather cleaning company and LRC came at the top of my list.
  • I would definitely purchase from your company again! Wonderful to know that England carries products Americans need to care for their belongings! The product cleaned the purse fabric completely and it looks like new. Thank you!!
  • Really easy to follow instructions with a fantastic result. Steering wheel genuinely looks like new. Much better and easier to use that I expected.
  • Did not realise my suite was so dirty. It now looks like new