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December 24, 2016
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January 4, 2017

Leather Care Products Range Gets Even Better.

We are delighted to announce that we have slashed our leather care products line from 104 to 33 products in total.

As a company we believe in making sure our brand stays ahead of all others at all times. 

This was an easy choice after 19 months of continued market research to find out what customers want exactly for taking care of leather, repairing it and restoring it. 

This will enable us to focus our resources on providing even better quality and design than before.

Leather Repair Companies aim is to always provide the finest products in the world, that achieve cleaning, protection, repairs and restorations far better than anyone could ever imagine.

All of our current 33 products designed are just for leather, in what we are calling the “Classic Leather Range”

We are due to bring out shortly a new line called “Exterior & Vinyl Range”

With this new approach to our outstanding product lines it’s allowing the brand to grow even further.

Enabling us to focus on our core resources.

Meeting customers needs and demands, without clouding the requirements of the customer or providing something that’s confusing.

We believe in providing the best products in the world and we will always be No1 at that.

So focusing on a range with fewer products enables us to give you the customer even better products at an even better price.

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