If you look after your leather corretly you’ll not only increase it’s life span but also beautify it’s appearance. Whether this is a brand new leather item, post repair or damaged item. Below you’ll find kits, guides and tips to care for your leather correctly.

The most important aspect of leather care is: leather cleaning. “How do I clean my leather?” is a question we get asked multiple times. Simple follow our comprehensive Leather Care Plan

You may think by rubbing your leather sofa down with a wet wipe will do the job. Yes, it will remove some dirt – but dirt and stains on leather get into all the little creases and natural leather markings.

Baby wipes are very bad for leather, if you wish to keep your leather looking brand new for many more years to come, follow the simple steps in our leather care plan, or go to our video section and you can view videos on leather care and cleaning.

We recommend using our Premium Leather Cleaner & Protection Cream kit. Our leather cleaner is suitable for most types of leather (excluding suede & nubuck). Working along side the leather conditioner / leather protection cream, it will help:

  • Clean even the most stubborn stains. Unleashing new life into your leather sofa (or other leather items).
  • The leather kit will also add a barrier. This helps prevent water based stains along with solvent and chemical damage.
  • Along with the water resistant effects, it will also help protect your leather against sun, heat, radiator damage. (It doesn’t make your leather immune, but it does help it last longer in hotter conditions).

The leather protection / leather conditioner cream contains a natural blend of oils and waxes. This is the leather “feed”. It adds vital nourisment’s to your leather to help restrict leather cracking or drying out. This is the ultimate in protection and the last step in the leather care plan.

Remember that lovely new leather smell? Our leather cream is also infused with that luxurious aroma which tranfers into your leather items once applied.

For drink stains, inkSee our Leather Problem solver chart by clicking the link and general colour loss you require a Leather First Aid KitOur Leather First Aid Kit is a must have. This kit will help you remove stains and perform minor colour repairs.