Carry out restorations or even change the colour of your leather interior

The products we use have been developed over many years and go through strict testing before being used in the public domain, some items are tested for up to 6 years prior to being released and used by us.

We go through this strict testing system to ensure that we provide you with the best service and products around today, that we believe provide a better finish on your leather than when the leather item was new.

We guarantee that every leather car interior repair & restoration job we carry out is super soft and has a beautiful silky feel to it, this is achieved through our a unique leather repair & restoration products that have been developed, giving your car the best loving care and attention it deserves.

It doesn’t matter what state your leather is in, work can work on any type of damage and we work around you, distance is not an issues as we have work shops all over the UK and the area you are in is not covered we will come to you to collect your seats to carry our a Leather Car Interior Repair

The first picture shows how this BMW seat has been torn and the leather worn so its very week

Leather Car Interior Repair BMW seat tear repair

This picture shows how we have now bonded the tear back together again from the rear, by placing behind the leather a small section of very fine lamb nappa to bond to the rear of the leather creating an extremely strong bond so not to allow the tear to come open again in the future.

Leather Car Interior Repair BMW seat tear now bonded together

This picture shows the leather seat base fully prepared and ready for the new colour to be applied. Leather car interior repair & restoration is a very rewarding process, putting life back into leather is something we are leading experts in.

Leather Car Interior Repair BMW seat prep work carried out


The pictures shows the full seat fully prepared with all the old leather colourant taken off the seats, ready for the new colourant to be applied.

Leather Car Interior Repair BMW seat fully preped


This is now the completed BMW seat after having a complete full Leather Car Interior Repair & restoration process carried out to bring these seats back to life ready to go back in the BMW again.

Leather Car Interior Repair BMW seat fully restored



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