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April 23, 2016
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Sales Executive
December 13, 2016

Christmas is a time of year that should be full of joy and happiness for all, so we are helping the homeless of Hull

We are all sitting around the table with loved ones enjoying the spirit of Christmas.

Not everyone is that lucky in life, some people have hit rock bottom and lost everything including the house they lived in.

The only place for people like this is the streets, living it rough in cold wet damp conditions.

No one around to help them or to share love with, a cold damp horrible dark place.

Night time falls and the bitter cold gets colder, people struggle to cope with situations of being forced to be homeless.

A lot of you will know about the shoebox appeal, sending shoeboxes of goodies abroad to helpless children in desperate need.

So we decided our charity of choice for 2016 was helping the homeless in the City of Hull.

We’ve put together 20 packed boxes of goodies, like gloves, hats, socks, and food to help the homeless of Hull during the bitter winter months.

Its not just people who have hit rock bottom that suffer with this, some of these people are army veterans who have served our country keeping all of safe.

These people now are forced to live on the streets, with no one to care for them, love them and they cant cherish those loving memories that we can.

We hope the boxes that we have provided will help the homeless of Hull have a better winter and Christmas than before, by keeping warm and having snacks to eat.

We put together, 20 boxes 10 for the homeless ladies and 10 for the homeless gentlemen


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