3 Day IMI approved training course

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The three day IMI training course covers everything you would ever need to know about leather. Bring a leather item to work on like a car seat.

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This course provides the most in depth training in the industry, by the worlds most respected trainers, we have a team of trainers who.s knowledge is regarded as the finest in the industry. Being a leather item with you to work on while on your 3 day IMI training course.

Join the growing network of thousands of trainees who have trained in our extensive training facilities in East Yorkshire.
Our courses are designed to cut out all the myths of leather repairs and colouring, leather colouring and repairs is an easy to follow process and if you follow our easy to follow steps, your on the road to great rewarding business that will flourish for years and years.

This course is fully industry approved by the IMI ( Institute Of Motoring Industry )
You also gain certification from the Leather Repair Company.
The course is split into several modules over the three days.

From understanding what leather is, leather ID, through to after care, including scratches, scuffs, splits, dried out leather and full blown restoration and colour changing.
Before you can begin any course we talk through the health and safety aspects of handling the products with safe methods for use and care of them, understanding what you are dealing with is essential so you can explain processes and procedures to customers.

Understanding leather can be difficult, but our course puts this into prospective with easy to follow terms and step by step guides and talks, leather ID is the most crucial part of renovation and care, without understanding what leather your dealing with can be a costly job for you, so we can help to take away that risk, by giving you simple easy to follow terms and steps, along with a full training manual.

Once we have gone through the leather ID section, we move to the next section which is leather cleaning and care.
We talk through the pros and cons of cleaning, the correct procedures to follow and an in depth view view microscopes projected onto screens to give an even better picture of the situation your dealing with.
We can talk through damage so small the naked eye cant see it, so that preventative measures can be taken to avoid bigger repairs in the future.
We talk through how important it is that cleaning and care must be carried out on a regular basis to extend the life of the leather.

The next process is colour mixing, the hardest part of leather repairs and restoration, we've made this difficult process as easy to understand as we can to enable you to get to grips with colour mixing quickly. This has to be done now as you cant carry on with restoration and colouring until you understand colours correctly.
We have colour mixing methods, charts and systems that are included in your repair and restoration kit, along with full life time help and backup if required.

We talk through how to use the colour charts for the best results and show you how to mix colours quickly, gaining you an understand of the full colour mixing process.

With colour mixing practice makes perfect and getting this as near perfect as you can will make your job easier, again we talk through tips and tricks so your not under pressure mixing colours at a clients property.
The next stage is How to prepare the leather for all types of repairs and colour work.
This is the key to a perfect result, not just an OK result.

Preparation is everything, understanding how to prepare leather correctly is essential to a long term finish.
If leather is not prepared correctly, this will become apparent quickly leading to you returning to customers on a regular basis, we show you how to avoid this and teach you all you need to know.

Next we look at minor repairs, scuffs, scrapes, tear repairs and holes.
This talks through with demos of repairs and how best to handle them, the quick easy way enabling you to make more profits on each job at hand.
During this process we use different types of fillers, show you how to create grain again as well as dealing with cigarette burns.
We also show you at this stage how to blend in colours quickly using the mouth atomiser, this is a fantastic simple money saving tool, that can speed up jobs enabling you to carry out many more jobs in a day that you can imagine, increasing sales and profits further.

The next step is bigger repairs, restorations and colour applications, showing you how to soften old dried cracked leather and bring it back to life again.
Before this step can begin, we go through the different types of spraying applications and hand applications you can use every day on jobs, from spray guns, airbrushes and mouth atomisers and sponge applications.
With this step we also look at colour restoration and colour changing and how to go about it for the best possible results.
During this step, we look at, colouring, colour changing, two tone finishes, metallic's and pearl finishes.

We go through full live demos of two tones and how to re create them, as well as rub off finishes so that you can deal with all types of leather finishes, from car leathers to sofas and chesterfields.
The final part of the course is talking about potential markets and how best to gain customers and business from all sectors.
This three day IMI Approved course is £995 plus VAT - Registration of IMI is just £75 plus VAT

Want to speak with someone about a course call 03333 448 418

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