3 Day IMI approved training course

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The three day IMI training course covers everything you would ever need to know about leather. Bring a leather item to work on like a car seat.

The 3-day IMI (Institute Of Motoring Industry) leather repair course is an industry leading course.

With any repair carried out on leather understanding the process is key to the success of your business. Gaining the correct knowledge, procedures and processes is a paramount part of your training.

This is a very hands on course from the moment you enter our 5,000 square feet training facilities.

You will be learning an enormous amount of techniques, gain a tremendous amount of knowledge, get to know the tricks of the trade and get an insight into repairs.

Learning all about pricing, marketing and the most profitable repairs to undertake, pitfalls to avoid and rooky mistakes to avoid.

You will gain full knowledge of how to remove surface colours from leather, how to soften leather and restore colour.

From a simple scratch or scuff, to a tear and cigarette burn, to blending in minor repairs using SMART repair systems and full-blown colour restoration of modern and classic car interiors.

Building confidence with repairs and the different process, allowing you at the end of this course to start your own repairs with accuracy.

Learning how to use electronic microscopes and what to look for when looking at them, understanding what you see and how to explain all of this to the customer.

This course covers:
Leather ID
Health & safety
Slide show presentation
Introduction to colour mixing
Microscope uses
Product details
Surface preparation
Cigarette burns
Colour application
How to use an airbrush
How to mask up
Applying colours by hand
Mouth atomiser techniques
Applying colours via a spray gun
Application of clear coats.

This three day IMI Approved course is £495 + £95 IMI registration + VAT - This course includes lunch and drinks all day

Want to speak with someone about a course call 03333 448 418

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