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December 8, 2015
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Business Startup

Leather Repair Company Business Startup

Getting the correct business startup is not easy, you look for stability of a business to see if it can provide the correct tools and support for your new business startup, here at the Leather Repair Company, we provide those tools and support that is is needed.

Michael Apire has taken that leap and has his own business startup in leather repairs from the Leather Repair Company.

Below is a letter from Michael Apire about his new business startup and his own vision and what he thought of the Leather Repair Company and how we care for franchisees and help them.

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I always knew that I wanted to run my own business in life, I pretty much done it all worked various types of jobs. In offices, retail stores, warehouses. Whilst some were fun, I always knew they weren’t for me. I had to work for myself and be my own. Not an easy goal to achieve so how was I ever going to achieve this?

With no real expectations I went to the franchise show in London excel one Februarys day in 2015. Little did I know that would change my life for the better?  There I met Richard Hutchins the MD of the leather repair company. They had a stand, it weren’t as glamorous or as eye catching as all the other stands which were mostly tech based franchisers or trying to sell you an e-cigarettes franchises so was easy to walk past. Which I would have done so had they not taken the time to approach me and boy am I glad they did because Today I stand a proud owner of the franchise which will certainly grow.

Why did I chose the leather repair company or even an industry I never even knew existed?

 Richard explained what it is they do, it peaked my interest but I was not totally convinced, but my instinct told me I should look further into this. Richard invited me over to the Head office in Hull he showed me what the business was all about and what I could expect from them as part of a franchisee.  What’s more important was he was able to show me that I could make very good income, the future potential and his plans to grow the business. But just as important was his unshaking belief, passion and love for his business and industry even after 30+ years.  He showed me I would get more than just a franchise but also a long term vision, passion and values- that is what you get with the leather repair company.

Today I am a proud franchise owner of a business that I’m absolutely sure will constantly grow as long as I works hard, driven by a Director, Richard Hutchins who is determined is constantly pushing the business forward.  I have received great training and guidance and continue to receive constant support from all members of the leather repair team including other franchisees. Furthermore I have gained and developed a lot more skills and never felt more confident in my own abilities to further drive myself.  

Don’t get me wrong here, this is not an instant meal ticket to riches, as with most things you do in life,  if you work hard at it you will reap the rewards and there is certainly a lot of rewards to be reaped in this industry. Sometimes in life in not always money that makes you happy, yes, it helps. But finding something that you enjoy doing and you see makes a difference to people’s lives makes you just as happy. For me leather repair, not something I ever considered before but is now something I love doing. It provides an income for me and my family and has allowed me to achieved one of my key life goals which was to be self-employed. So thanks to the leather Repair Company opening the door.

Michael Apire

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