Detailers Open day
Detailers Open Day
May 20, 2017
steam cleaning leather
Steam Cleaning Leather
May 31, 2017

100% Franchise Support 100% Of The Time

Leather may have been around forever, but our business is always evolving.

The shed of life

How our company started. A shed. One man. His plan.

30 years on we are where we are. Ok, so we all still work for a living. But the main thing is we are winning awards. Growing in staff numbers. Expanding in a number of different ways and in many different countries… we are evolving!


One of the main things Leather Repair Company have done in the past is create the franchise model. The replication of the company for others to buy a ready-made business. Therefore, it cuts out a lot of the ups and downs, false starts and any costly bad experiences.

It’s a great idea and in the case of leather repair work it is a great way for the master business to get its name out there and answer all the calls for work.

It ensures each and every business is run by somebody who has a vested interest in what goes on. It limits any slacking you may find with employed middle management. Also, it gives them every opportunity to really make a success of the venture.

As an ever-evolving industry and an ever-evolving company we make sure everything we know and everything we do is handed down to our franchisees.

This Saturday just gone (20th May 2017) we hosted our most recent franchise training day.

As mentioned, we have grown. We constantly seem to be moving into bigger and bigger premises and it is this growth that has allowed us to take on more work and more staff. This has resulted in us outgrowing the space and a need to upgrade and then that circle starts all over again.

The will to grow and desire for more is what our training day was centred around. Our business manager Callum arranged a day that looked at the who, the what, the where, the when & the why. Included in the day was the original founding “franchisee” Richard. Just because Richard leads the way doesn’t mean it stops him getting involved in training or being part of the team.

Ongoing franchise training and support

Covering all aspect of sales, marketing, growth and all-round business, the day had a great deal of positivity, interaction and plenty of opportunities and examples of networking among fellow franchisees.

By the end of the franchise training day it was clear to see that everybody involved was fired up to really make the most of their business. Plans were being drawn up to take on staff, improve advertising, move into bigger premises and much much more!

It just goes to show that a good sit down, some motivational speaking, an opportunity to ask questions and everybody all in the same room really can have a positive impact.

On hand when you need us

Anybody thinking of buying any sort of franchise really wants to sit and think about what support they want in the future. Do they want a distant head office who concentrates on “corporate” this, and “profit” that. Or, do they want to be part of a team that fully supports each other and the help is there to really expand and realise your own rewards for your own efforts?

If you are considering a career change… speak to us and maybe we can offer more than just a job. 100% Franchise Support 100% Of The Time.

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