A Contrasting Two Tone Finish Known As Two Tone Pigmented Leather

Two tone pigmented leather leather has been surface coated with a pigment colour, in varying shades to create the two tone effect. The two tone pigmented leather finishes range from strong noticeable two tone finish, to very subtle two tone effects. It’s like a variation of an antique finish.

Colour mixing with two tone pigmented leather is not easy, you have to determine which the base colour is and which the top colour is to enable a perfect repair every time. Recreating finishes is difficult and takes time and skill to perfect to carry out repairs, it’s not always possible to get a perfect match for two tone, so making the client aware a compromise will have to take place is always advised.

The top coat finish on two tone pigmented leather is very delicate, so it’s advised to clean with caution using the aniline cleaner to avoid removing the top surface colour.

In most cases the top coat is a small amount of colour mixed with a clear lacquer that’s then applied to create the two tone pigmented leather finish, this is applied over the top of the base colour very thinly to reveal an under lying paler colour.