Leather Guard, is a new system that we have developed to give your leather a protection to help stop stain, grease marks and wear taking place on the leathers surface.

This system is the only professional system on the market and is the only system manufactured here in East Yorkshire.

We feel this is the best system in the UK on the market at present and the cheapest by far compared to others.

Whats so great about this system is we have an Aniline version see pictures below, so now your beautiful Aniline Leather can be protected and preserved for a long time.

This will help stop the leather fading, which Anilines are known for due to the natural beauty the leather has, it water proofs the leather so stops stains from water, fizzy drinks and alcohol drinks.

Helps stop grease marks attacking the leathers surface also.

Leather Guard should be applied to new  leather as soon after purchase as you can.

On older leather you need to deep clean this first with the Leather Guard deep Cleaner to ensure its clean and free of dirt before applying the system onto the leather.

When you apply this protection guard onto the leather make sure its an even coating and then allow to dry and within 24 hours / 48 hours its fully cured and ready to use once again and fully protected for a min of 12 months.

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Leather Guard Aniline Leather Un protected


Aniline Protected with Leather Guard the professional guaranteed system

We are looking for agents to take the leather guard system on board and to be become approved technicians, to start supplying to the demand we have already built up in the UK with furniture shops and car dealerships.

Its the perfect system for your leather car interior, sofa, jackets, handbags and golfbags