Leather Guard Agents

Leather Guard Agents are authorised and approved technicians who can carry out the application of the leather guard system.

We have leather guard agents all over the UK

If you would like a Leather Guard Agent to visit you and apply this protection system that is guaranteed to work against stains for a minimum of 12 months then please contact a technician below or email us for more details info@leatherrepaircompany.com

If you are looking for car and repairs for handbags and leather guard to be applied to your handbags then contact A Spa Today

If you would like to become an approve and authorised leather guard agent then please do drop us a line and we can get you set up in your area as an authorised and approved leather guard agent.

Leather Car Seat Repair – Restoration for all types of items, classic cars to modern cars like Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW,  VW, Seat and more. All Leather Guard Agents are IMI Awards Approved, so you have the security of knowing they are professionally trained.

Leather Guard Agents professionally trained