1 Day Course

Leather Cleaning & ID

This course was developed to help all sectors, from a retail store, car dealerships, detailers, cleaning companies to upholstery companies.
We take you through all the steps to perform leather identification correctly, so you can handle each leather with complete confidence and talk about it with great knowledge to clients.

After all knowledge is power.

We go through all the techniques required to clean each type of leather correctly including aniline leathers and how to protect them against stains and unnecessary damage.
We take a look at all the different products to use for cleaning each type of leather, along with the different types of protection products to use to help avoid dirt, grime and stains building up on the surface of the leather.
Its a fantastic course for anyone who's wanting to just gain a little more knowledge about leather or for a salesman wanting to sell leather, after all, customers trust people who know what they are talking about and having this knowledge is worth is weight in gold.

Prices are: £150 + vat OR £395+ vat + leather kit.

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