Ten Franchise Questions From Jason Payne Of The Harrogate Franchise.

We presented Jason Payne with ten franchise questions and below are his replies….


1. In what ways could LRC improve the process, from the initial advert to where you stand today ?

1. I can’t honestly think of any improvements LRC could make. From my initial phone call enquiring about the franchise Richard has been excellent, explaining everything ( sometimes more than once! ). LRC has been very supportive all the way without me feeling over pressured


2. How happy are you with the franchisor? describe your overall level of satisfaction.

2. This was a big decision for me to take as I had been in my last career for over 25 years and it was a secure job. I was allowed to start my training before I had left my last employment and LRC were amazing at fitting things around me and my days off! I’m extremely happy with how things have progressed.


3. What type of business background, business experience, education, and/or skills did you possess before becoming a franchisee? How important was that?

3. As previously stated I had been in a career for over 25 years and had a regular secure income but was not happy in my work. I had no previous business experience, no trade to fall back on but wanted a total change, and taking on the franchise has been great


4. How long did it take for you to realize a return on investment?

4. I’m two months into my franchise and have managed to pay myself a good wage this month after meeting all my outgoing costs for the business.


5. Did the franchisor properly estimate the amount of operating cash that was needed in the beginning?

5. Everything was explained fully and I understood what outgoings were needed.


6. What about unexpected or hidden costs? What were they and how did they affect you and your operation?

6. I’ve not come across any hidden costs but need to remember to add vat on when buying stock and supplies!!!


7. Have your earnings met with your expectations so far?

7. Think i’m meeting the expectations now i’m charging a little more in line with the prices that was initially given to me. At first i was charging less to get the work in but have now realised i wasn’t charging enough for the work.


8. Did the franchisor provide adequate and thorough training to get you up and running?

8. Training was excellent and enjoyable which made things easier. When I do come across a problem LRC are always there at the end of the phone to help too.

9. Any restrictions that have affected your business? Limitations on products and services that can be sold, vendor requirements, etc.

9. The only restrictions are that I buy the products from LRC but that is normal with any franchise.


10. How has ongoing franchisor support been for marketing/advertising?

10. Advertising and marketing has been exceptional! I couldn’t ask for any more. LRC were brilliant with the initial push of the franchise which has given me an idea of what and where I need to advertise in the future and they are still promoting the business in ways I didn’t think possible.