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August 13, 2015
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A Business Startup
December 30, 2015
Paris France Paulo

Leather Repair Company Paris France Opens It’s Doors

Paris France Workshop

Bienvenu dans ce nouveau site dédié au soin et à la rénovation du cuir :

Nouveau site sur Paris :
28 avenue Saint-Mandé
75012 PARIS
Tel : 06 12 78 79 85
Courriel :
Yes we have gone truly international now with our office in Paris France that’s just opened, Paulo who is running the operation in Paris France has all products in stock to take care of all retail and trade orders overseas.
Paulo is a fully experienced leather repair technician and vehicle detailer.
Paris France, Paulo Display

Paulo is the gentleman on the right of the picture

The set up has a full leather repair workshop and a detailing centre as well and is regarded very highly in the industry with a wealth of experience in the automotive sector.
The Leather Repair Company are delighted to welcome Paulo on board with us to run the Paris France office offering all types of leather repairs to cars, furniture, handbags and jackets.
In time the facilities will be able to offer full international training without the need to come to the UK, Paulo’s eye for detail is outstanding and is already off to a flying start and is already stacked out with jobs for cars and furniture to restore.
Full stocks are on hand in the facility so if you wish to go along and meet up with Paulo you will find his expertise about leather leather is outstanding.
Paulo can undertake all types of leather repairs form the Paris France set up, from a small scuff, to hole, burn and a full colour restoration service or a complete colour change if required.
Paris France, 75012 PARIS



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