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Are You Addicted To Leather ?
June 21, 2015
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July 12, 2015
Richard Hutchins Being Dyslexic

The Dyslexic founder of the Leather Repair Company

Most people like school, but for Richard Hutchins Being Dyslexic it was a nightmare!

Being dyslexic, made things almost impossible for Richard to learn, read or write correctly, but Richard knew from an early age that he had to embrace this situation and turn this in to a positive situation to win.

At school Richard was just branded a drop out, the head masters words were ” Hutchins your a drop out, your be in trouble all your life and you’ll be in jail before you’re 18″

Those words were so wrong and what made Richard think of the positives and he knew from that day forward he had to embrace what is Richard’s pure raw talents and go for it.

What the school John O’Gaunt missed out on was acting on this situation, but back in the 70’s and 80’s this was not something that schools knew a great deal about and Richard was just brushed aside and his pure talents were over looked!

Richard pure raw talents shine today, being able to communicate with people so easily, able to train people and connect with people so well, giving people drive to succeed, enthusiasm and that ability to motivate and instill happiness and create a positive situation from every eventuality.

As you can see here this is the original school exam results paper Richard received from school, the best talents Richard had was Art & Craft and Home Economics, both required an eye for detail, creativity, imagination and inspiration to produce the finest quality workmanship and ingredients to produce great tasting food along with awesome presentation.

It’s these early years of creativity that has shaped Richard ‘s future as the leading company in Leather Repairs today.


Richard Hutchins Being Dyslexic Richard Hutchins Being Dyslexic School Days


Richard was not happy with school life and at the age of 15 walked out and went to America where he began to get involved with cars and leather, Richard spend the 6 years backwards and forwards going to America learning everything he knows today, being shown the ropes by some of the most famous car collectors and restoration companies around today.

Since 1984 Richard has managed to grow several worldwide companies, some better than others, some have failed, but each time Richard has learnt from those companies that did not do so well and used them as a positive to be more creative, more structured and more focused, always ensuring Richard delivered the finest qualities with everything he has ever done, Richard eye for detail and to help others is truly inspiring in every aspect.

Richard has many different companies today and what drives all of these companies is his ability to empower others and his staff to succeed on all levels. Richard refuses to have huge corporate offices and head quarters, making sure all companies are kept small, with an ability to expand all of them worldwide, allowing other to replicate exactly what Richard has achieved, one thing that’s very inspirational about Richard is he claims no prior experience in any of his companies he is self taught with everything he knows today, but all make money and this is down to his flair to get the best out of his teams that work within each company.

Richard states clearly “I didn’t go into business with the sole intention make money, I went in to business to help others and to provide people with solutions to problems, provide quality products at affordable prices, having fun and yes we have made money on the way”

Richard is admired by all his staff, its his ability to lift them when they are down, help them in a tricky situation and his dedication is outstanding, Richard is always the first person to arrive at the leather repair company where he spends most of his time, as its the most demanding business and is always the last person to leave, every single bit of work Richard is involved with has to be perfection as second best isn’t good enough, Richard is so  dedicated with his work and so passionate he often works through the day and night to ensure he delivers the best services and products today.

Richard family & staff clearly say your not human! your a machine, I don’t know how you do what yo do and work the hours you do, your nutty!! with them always saying that Richard went the next step further and changed one of his companies names to Nutty Limited and with that Nutty Group was born!

What Richard always believes in is if you cant enjoy what you do find another job!

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