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July 16, 2015
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July 23, 2015
Our Children Are Our Future career opportunities

Our Children Are Our Future…

It’s imperative you invest in your future wisely…

Our Children Are Our Future assessing progress

Our Children Are Our Future assessing progress

You should never underestimate the power of your children, to make a difference in the eyes of the public, children will see the world in a whole new way compared to us. Our children are our future claims Richard Hutchins….

Children are naturally inquisitive, they want to jump in every puddle to find out what happens, they will pick up worms and pull them apart to see what happens, they will capture insects and look after them, children will do anything to discover new things and discover things about the world. They learn from being nosey and wanting to ask you the most awkward questions possible.

Richard has always said, tell your children the truth, after all they are the ones, who will pick your care homes !!!!!

Always keep them in the picture of the tough times, and the good times, don’t fake it, it’s best your children know everything that’s going on as they may surprise you with a solution as Richards two girls Crystal and Eloise have done many times for our Leather Repair Company business.

Children are a lot brighter than you could ever imagine, they don’t see a box to think outside of, they just see no fear, no worry, and they just say it as it is. In most cases it is the most common sense approach to a business or personal solution.

You cannot get better than reality for finding out what the real world is about, common sense (that schools don’t teach children) is imperative to a childs education.

But investing in your childrens education is extremely important, you may feel this contradicts the above of gaining common sense  and going into the real world, but technology has changed, the world has changed, it’s moving so fast it’s unbelievable. Making sure your children gain a solid education and degree is essential in today’s society.

Even after spending several years at university, it’s a very wise move to send them on even more courses to gain even better education and knowledge.

Richards eldest daughter Crystal is at present looking at leaving college and going to university to gain a degree in bio medical science, this will involve her spending up to 4 years at university to gain her degree, once she has graduated from university she will go on to develop and discover new cures for things like cancer and understand cells, how they work and how diseases develop. It’s her dream at present to be able to give people a better lifestyle and live longer, “something she has got from myself” states Richard.

This is why over the next 6 to 8 months Richard will be taking as much time out as possible to go to as many universities as possible to carry out interviews with university heads and lecturers to find the best university for Crystals needs and requirements.  Richard claims,  “After all, I keep thinking about that care home, and I pray they will find me a good one !”

Our Children Are Our Future student digs

Our Children Are Our Future student digs

Children are like sponges they absorb everything, so make sure you care for them wisely and correctly. They are your future.

” Crystal has already said at present

Dad I don’t want to run the companies,

but in 10 or 15 years who knows

I may run your group, things may

change and it may be my future”

Our Children Are Our Future

Our Children Are Our Future

Eloise, Richard’s youngest daughter, at just 13 is already to run the group and walk out of school today. The vision Eloise has is astonishing. She is solely responsible for the logo that the Leather Repair Company has today and full credit has to be given to Eloise for this as it’s a powerful logo, that stands out from the crowd, with true meaning of quality and making a difference in the publics eyes today. It’s the logo of quality and passion. Eloise came up with the design at just 9 years old, she shares a very restless mind just like Richard, a mind that never stops, a mind that never lets a box get built in the first place, with no need to think outside the box as it does not exist in Eloise’s eyes and mind.

” Eloise has already said,

Dad do I have to go

to school can I just

run all your different

companies for you now”

Eloise is very determined, just like Richard. Nothing phases her. Nothing stops her. She always gets what she wants and will always find a way around getting it. Eloise will try every approach possible, she’s a very clever girl, very head strong and knows exactly what she wants in life. She will just do things without thinking, then find a way around it. On the other hand Crystal is the opposite. She will write it out on paper first, do full calculations work out the pro’s and cons and find a solution based around the system she has decided to do. Crystal will come up with a card system, this will involve the good points, the bad points and the unknown points and from that, take bits of each one and use these to find the way around it.

Neither of these methods are wrong, both show very good leadership qualities. Eloise is the adrenaline rush thinker, just do it, then find a solution. Crystal is the methodical thinker, she works it out and goes with the solution to the end. If it doesn’t work, she will sit back down, work out why and find a way around it, with a different approach.

” Either way children are our future, get them a good quality education and support them no matter what they want to do in life. Let them discover things, answer the awkward questions and never treat them like a mushroom”

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