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July 12, 2015
Our Children Are Our Future career opportunities
Our Children Are Our Future
July 16, 2015
IMI Shield

Fully approved IMI Centre

Leather lovers… If our reputation didn’t fill you with enough confidence,

And, if the pictures and end results of our work didn’t sell our services,

Then the fact we are the only IMI approved centre for Leather repairs in the whole country should!

IMI Shield

IMI Shield – Fully Approved IMI Centre


IMI is the INSTITUTE of the MOTOR INDUSTRY and is the governing body for training within the motor trade. Formed back in 1920 a handful of members of the fledgling motor industry got together over dinner to talk about business and the best way to serve their customers.  From this informal setting the foundations of today’s Institute of the Motor Industry were laid. The intention, to have all technicians in the industry to an acceptable standard across the board.

IMI Quality Assured programmes are designed for organisations who offer, or are looking to offer, training within the automotive sector. These include further education colleges, training providers, vehicle manufacturers and employers including retail dealership groups.

Leather Repair Company are extremely proud of their skills and history surrounding them, we also love parting our wisdom on other enthusiastic individuals. The work we do with leather is an art form, a true, old school skill that is unfortunately fading away so to find people who want to carry on these skills gets us very excited!! But to ensure those skills are to the very highest of standards we wanted to become part of the standardised, recognised body that is designed to instill confidence in customers and we can therefore wear our accreditation “badge” with pride!!

IMI Certificate

IMI Certificate – The UK’s Only Approved Leather Repair Centre

Criteria for approval

To offer IMI Quality Assured Programmes a company must be an IMI Awards approved centre. Before approving a centre or programme IMI Awards will carry out a rigorous approval process.

In addition to being an approved centre:

  • the course(s) must be of a good quality.
  • the training programme must have an assessed outcome, such as a practical exam or observation, that is related to learning outcomes.
  • assessments must take place before, during or at the end of each programme.
  • validation and feedback must include actions to be addressed by the candidate.
  • any changes to the programme must be approved by IMI Awards.


This criteria is not just bragging rights, it also confirms to us our belief in what we do is justified, When you are looking for a company to work on your leather, do you want somebody who is unregulated, that has no approval from an ethical body such as IMI & somebody who doesn’t go the extra mile to reassure its valued customers of their competence.

Or do you want the company that is qualified to duplicate, replicate and pass on our exacting skills and standards to anybody else wishing to learn?

Sold yet? of course you are!


IMI LOGO – The Sign Of Quality Assured


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