Richard Hutchins Being Dyslexic
Richard Hutchins Being Dyslexic
July 4, 2015
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July 12, 2015
fate to fortune jason workshop

fate to fortune Jason workshop

Fate to fortune…

How one man stumbled across an opportunity that gave him light at the end of the tunnel.


Ex police office Jason Payne served in the police force for 25 years and found himself  facing a future full of changes and the only aspect worth looking towards was the police pension. Admitting he had no other trade skills he was understandably anxious as to what he would do should the well documented police cuts include him, or what he could do with his time as and when he retired.

fate to fortune advert

fate to fortune franchise advert

Leather Repair Company are noticeably active on social media but before Jason joined the team he wasn’t even friends with LRC on Facebook but fate intervened and this  popped up on his news feed while on holiday in Mexico.

Coming back to the UK Jason looked a little more into the idea , the company and the possibilities… which he soon realised are endless. He got in touch with us and we invited him to our head office for an open day, he spoke with accountants, other franchisees and business advisors and he got that warm fuzzy feeling and decided to make that leap of faith.

fate to fortune jason and richard

fate to fortune Jason and Richard

Move the clock forward 6 months, with the help of the LRC team and his own efforts Jason now has a full time, thriving business, skills, and a bright future with limitless potential. Once up and running Jason wrote this Now the honeymoon period is over Jason popped in to LRC HQ and we asked him what ways we could improve the process from the initial advert to where he stands today…

he said

I can’t honestly think of any improvements LRC could make. From my initial phone call enquiring about the franchise Richard has been excellent, explaining everything ( sometimes more than once! ). LRC has been very supportive all the way without me feeling over pressured”

fate to fortune Jason HQ

fate to fortune Jason HQ

fate to fortune jason

fate to fortune Jason

Asking him what his favourite aspect of the job is for him he had no specific answer… he no longer works shifts, he has a long enjoyable future ahead, no 2 days are the same, no hierarchy and the more he puts in the more he gets out and all his efforts are rewarded. We asked him these for all the other people thinking of a franchise with Leather Repair Company.


A devoted dad and a football referee in his spare time Jason now has the freedom to ensure he keeps himself healthy and his family happy.

fate to fortune Jason Payne

fate to fortune Jason Payne

Looking to the future a hungry Jason has no plans on settling with the new found financial success or freedom, he subtly suggested he would like to look at expanding and covering a larger area and having his own work force working for him, He recently popped in to see his old colleagues and he left loving his new venture even more. Realising what he left behind, the only way now for Jason is forward… the only way is leather.

fate to fortune Jason Harrogate

fate to fortune Jason Harrogate


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