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Callum and The Technical Staff
June 8, 2015
None Of Your Business
None Of Your Business !!
June 21, 2015
leather repair company london gloves

Let’s get ready to RRRRUUMMBBLLEEE!!! Leather Repair Company London

Introducing in the corners… From North-East London to Chelmsford

and in the other corners from Stevenage to Southend-on-Sea…

We bring you the reigning, the defending, IMI approved, SBS award winning champions of the woooooorld    Leather… Repair… Company!!!

Yes folks that’s right, the domination continues as LRC are now throwing heavyweight punches in the London to Essex area.

leather repair company london gloves

Leather Repair Company London Gloves

Bringing you the very best in all things leather;

Leather and Vinyl Repairs,

Clothing & footwear,

leather bags,


Cars, Boats, Saddles & more!

We will be working on the white Range Rovers of the TOWIE stars and the chesterfield sofas of the rich and famous in the capital.

As always we are looking to reach out, we want likes on our Facebook page Leather Repair Company London but we are also looking to build partnerships with companies of interest, be it end users and customers, or  technical people in the same field as us. We want to know who is who in that area to help us become the who’s who in that area!

In the coming months our newest franchisee will be undergoing any & all relevant training to bring them all up to our exacting standards, learning the ins and outs of LRC so they can deliver our premium, industry leading skills and services, and we will be keeping you up to date with all the goings on!

Don’t stay a stranger, Get in touch! with the Leather Repair Company London

“It’s not bragging if you can back it up” Muhammad Ali.

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