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Old Jaguar E Type Seats Now Like New
June 4, 2015
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Leather Repair Company London
June 11, 2015
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“I have worked with many companies in the past and honestly Leather Repair Company are a refreshing difference.

They do not need help… not one bit, They are a thriving company that does extremely healthy business. This is evident by the swarms of customers and the amount of staff around my desk that never seem to stop! I thought this would be an easy job, come in and sit at my desk, Make a huge difference (as they don’t have a dedicated PR or marketing team), get paid, eat some cake and drink lots of cuppas… but nobody seems to have the time to make one!

Technical Staff A week with Callum empty cup pic


The company has a healthy buzz, from the reception staff who deal with walk in customers and customers on the phone,

The warehouse department that deals with incoming parcels and outgoing postage,

The staff that create the lotions and potions and packages them all up and boxes it all ready to send out,

The teams of technical staff who are like surgeons sewing, customising, colouring, repairing and restoring all things leather.

You have franchisees popping in for supplies and for a chat,

And then me… in the corner with nothing but my computer and this feeling that nothing I do can keep up with the rate these guys turn out some absolute amazing transformations.


The company seems to work like a bee colony, each and every person talks with one another, they all interact with each other, all helping each other and fetching things the other person needs before they need it like a wife finishing a husbands sentence. It is rare to find all members are equal regardless of skill or pay grade, the packing staff are no lesser valued than the technical staff, and at the head you have the company director Richard, who, although knows the company inside out, (calls the shots, and everybody here is under no illusion that he is the boss)  gets stuck in and is part of the team as much as the next person! there is no aspect of the business he won’t roll his sleeves up and help with (he will even clean the toilet!!). You can see this isn’t a job, nor a career, he doesn’t just see it as his business or a company… he lives everything LRC. he never stops, he eats while he works, he is the first here and last to leave, when he’s not working he’s networking, The guy is a machine and a pleasure to work around.”

technical staff richard cleaning toilet pic

So why is Callum here?

It sounds daft why we would use Callums services, business is booming, we are rushed off our feet and he certainly doesn’t work for free. Why then, if we couldn’t handle any more work without compromising quality would we take on somebody who specialises in customer generation?

We will let Callum explain…

“I don’t just get new customers for companies, I ensure the customer service and aftercare carry on long after you use our services, engaging with existing and new customers to make sure they remember to look after their leather and to ensure you get the very most from the products and service LRC have provided, because that in turn results in a happier customer for longer and repeat business. Leather is a huge industry, most of us own at least a pair of shoes, a leather belt, or sit on a leather sofa or car interior, we pay great money for these items and they only get better the more we use them, so it makes sense to keep them in great shape, take care of them and they can last a lifetime, getting LRC out there as much as possible to advertise tips, or products is ensuring the customer easily benefits from the greatest expertise and knowledge available instead of wasting time and money going elsewhere. It is my mission to ensure the customer service starts before you become a customer and continues long after, and the customers happiness lasts just as long as the leather.”

technical staff thumbs up pic

So it’s a big thumbs up from Callum!

Callum is renowned and well respected in the field of interacting with customers and we feel it necessary to use him to continually deliver aftercare advice and keep your leather alive!

It is safe to say we make every effort to make sure all of our existing customers and potential customers receive the very best service, we take as seriously our customer service as we do the quality of our work.

We will check back in with Callum in the next few months to see if we can keep him as impressed. Keep a look out for lots of positive changes at Leather Repair Company… you can guarantee Callum will have something to do with them!!

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