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Leather Repair Company Announces Major Expansion
May 20, 2015
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June 4, 2015
Leather Care Kit

Always solving problems for millions of people around the world with a leather care kit.

It is no wonder why Apple is the biggest phone company in the world,

It’s also no wonder why Real Madrid is the biggest football team in the world,


It is no wonder why Leather Repair Company is the go to company for all things leather…

All of them are ultimately run by individuals, but they all have several things in common…

They all have a winning mentality, they all have a team of experts around them, they all do their extreme best for the “customers” and most importantly, all of them constantly outperform and outgrow themselves and their competition.

Why not embrace your love for leather it’s sexy, its cool, its pure, it’s natural, its beautiful.

Leather Repair Company today have launched four new kits to the world of leather care & repair.

Consumers wanted the best products around today at affordable prices, that looked amazing and were easy to use, so the clever geeks at the Leather Repair Company responded to this, by introducing the best products around today, the easiest to use with the highest professional results ever known.

Throughout our company we have strived to give our customers the best possible experience with the best results on the market. So with repair kits we made it so simple to get the same results OEM results.

Four Very Easy Simple Steps

Clean It: Use the premium leather cleaner to clean your leather item fully to remove all dirt.

Prep It: Use the leather prep, to remove some of the old surface colour on the area needing repair.

Colour It: Using the colours, simply sponge on to re colour your leather item, providing a perfect seamless repair.

Seal It: Sponge on the clear coat sealers / lacquers to lock in the new colour.

Used By The Public For A Professional Finish !!

It’s not just the consumer that wanted a better deal and better products that we made these astonishing products for, the retailer wanted outstanding packing so we, so we went the full hog and gave them the best leather care kit around today.

Just as it should be the company have embraced the most advanced technology around today and then smashed it to bits and went beyond the best to create the ultimate in advanced technology in leather care kits as the consumer wanted just that.

The companies happiness comes from comes from the consumers happiness, so we believe in giving the consumer exactly what they need, then go up above and beyond that.

With that in mind we released better packing, better products, better support, better training, better videos and a better customer care system.

Leather Care Kit


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