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January 11, 2012
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August 28, 2012
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How To Repair Leather Tear

Video 3 of many about leather cleaning, restoration and repairs.

You may think once you get a tear in your leather, that’s it.. it’s broken for good. With a little care and some thought you can repair that tear and make it look new!

It’s not just leather furniture that you can repair a tear in, you can repair a tear in leather car seats, leather jackets, leather dining chairs, antique leather tops on tables, the Leather Repair Company can also repair tears in vinyl items as well as the leather.

How To Repair A Leather Tear – you start this with making sure all the fibres around the tear of snipped off, then cut to shape a backing fabric, very thing soft lamb nappa leather is ideal or thin soft cotton sheeting, pace this behind the tear and then start to glue this in position, making sure you close up the tear to make the repair as perfect as possible, that is job done.

Once the leather repair tear is done, you will end up with a natural scar line in the leather item. How to repair a leather tear so it’s invisible can only be done one way, no matter what you read on the internet it cant be invisible unless you replace the panel fully that the tear is in.

These are the items we used in this video.

Leather Repair Glue Kit
The kit contains the following items:

• Leather Glue
• Fabric Backing Sub Patch
• Tooth Pics

You will also need some Selotape.

You can buy the items and many more from our store.

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How To Repair Leather Tear

This next video show you how that a tear in leather can be repaired with this leather jacket, giving you an almost invisible repair once carried out using the correct products. you can buy the repair kit on line by clicking here



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