Basic Leather Repair
January 11, 2012
Leather Protection Cream, protects your leather surface, infuses a leather aroma back into your item and stops stains
How To Repair Leather Tear
February 3, 2012

Preparing The Leather For Repair


It doesn’t matter what repair you do, at some stage you will need to apply colour. The colour application is generally the turning point in a repair as without it the repair would not blend in to the leathers finish. The preparation stage is extremely important it’s done correctly as it ensures the colour sticks!

Using a sponge or Tampico Brush and the Premium Leather CleanerOur Leather Cleaner is suitable for use on most types of leather. Leather sofas, car interiors, shoes, jackets or handbags. give the area you are repairing a thorough clean. Don’t just clean the area to repair, clean the full panel. If its the base of a car seat or a chair clean all the facing leather to the sides and the upper sections of the seat or chair. If you are going to restore a complete car interior and or full suite use the Premium Leather Cleaner to clean all areas of leather. By doing this it will help to blend in your repair much better.

If the areas you are repairing remains creased and dirty, you can use the leather prep at this stage along with an abrasive pad to remove any dirt or to thin down any creases. By doing this it will help improve the appearance of the leather.

If a leather surface feels stiff or hard you should also prep this area. The Leather Prep thins down the surface coating, thus making the leather softer and feel much better already. This gives it a much better end result once colour has been applied.

With classic car seats (painted Connolly leather) they can look very badly cracked, this cracking is in fact in the top surface coating and rarely in the leather itself. Using the Leather Prep on this will remove it. This same process also applies to modern car interiors and furniture. Use the prep to thin the coat rather than fill the cracks.

If you are going to recolour a pigmented leather that has got grease marks, make sure you prep the leather first with the abrasive pad. The prep will break down the surface coating making the removal of any grease patch areas much better and more affective.

It is not necessary to prep anilines or pull up leathers it’s a waste of products, money and time. But, if you plan to change the colour of pull up leathers then its best to prep it to remove the waxy oily finish coating. If you just need to cover a stain then simply clean the areas down with the Premium Leather CleanerOur Leather Cleaner is suitable for use on most types of leather. Leather sofas, car interiors, shoes, jackets or handbags. and wipe with alcohol cleanerThe Leather Alcohol Cleaner is used to free leather from any grit, dirt, grease, oils and waxes before repair or recolouring leather and then spray the offending areas.

If you are just wanting to fix small scuffs and scratches in leather you don’t always need to use the prep and an abrasive pad, but its always best to just wipe the area down with some prep on cloth for good measures.

Even if you have not prepped the leather its very important to always wipe the area down with alcohol cleaner before putting on any colour, always use the alcohol cleaner after using the premium leather cleaner. Its best to apply the alcohol cleaner to cloth rather than directly on to the leather, then wipe the cloth over the leather with the alcohol cleaner as this takes off any final grease, grime or dirt from the leathers surface. Once this is all done you can carry out the repairs and re colour your leather item.

Leather that has grease stains in it, its best to use the grease release to remove all traces of grease before applying any colour, if this is not done the colour will not adhere to leather surface and will come off again.

If you are de greasing an area its always best to go over this with the premium leather cleaner after de greasing and then wipe down with alcohol cleaner.

You are now ready to continue to any type of restoration, repair or colour change job.View the rest of our guides by clicking the link.

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